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Facts About Cloud Technology

Posted by argus on February 23, 2017 in Technology |

The rise of cloud computing has enabled business owners around the world to work more efficiently, flexibly and consistently whilst reducing company costs. Not only does this kind of software allow entrepreneurs and their teams to work from remote locations with ease, it can also help them achieve greater levels of profitability and scalability.

These solutions have already helped thousands of businesses all over the world to work in a more streamline way, helping them remain competitive and keeping their important data accessible, yet secure. But contrary to common knowledge, this pioneering software does more than just store your data safely and create remote working possibilities.

If you’re unaware of cloud computing and think all of this sounds too good to be true, read on to discover how implementing this software could benefit your business in a myriad of ways – impacting your efficiency, overhead costs and (ultimately) your profit.

Firstly, the implementation of this solution will undoubtedly increase your team’s efficiency. Employees will be able to access company data and shared files wherever they are in the world. This means they can work on the go using their mobile phone, laptop or tablet, allowing them to collaborate with other remote workers in real time.

This will also improve your company’s continuity, allowing you to deliver a constant service to your clients. The software allows businesses of all sizes and sectors to access the most intelligent, state of the art technology at any time, meaning you will be able to operate regardless of disruptive circumstances. This makes it an effective safeguard against external threats.

In other words, should your area be hit by a natural disaster or power loss, all of your commercial data could be easily restored from an alternative location. On a lesser scale, if you were to lose connectivity in your office, you would still be able to access all of your files and run your business as normal whilst the problem was being rectified.

As well as data accessibility, flexibility is equally important when it comes to running a commercial operation. In order to remain competitive, you will need to be able to keep up with an ever-adapting market. If your business needs greater bandwidth or improved hosting capacity, for example, a cloud-based service would be able to instantly meet this demand.

The software will also enable you to deliver a more environmentally friendly, competitive and efficient service all round. Using The Cloud dramatically decreases commercial energy consumption, in turn lowering your company’s carbon footprint and improving your bottom line with the reduction of overhead costs.

Simple to use cloud programs, such as Microsoft Office 365, are available in a number of different packages to suit businesses of all sizes and sectors. They will also be able to provide ongoing support and help with implementation and training to make the transition as seamless as possible.

You might also want to consider using a cloud accounting software so that you can access payroll information, pay and send invoices and get in touch with your accountant or financial adviser while you’re on the go. This will negate the need for manual data entry; so you will save on staff costs and time spent in the back office.

Moreover, your business will always remain in your control. Thanks to the launch of a number of compatible apps, you can access your company files and accounts information from your mobile phone or tablet device at any time, wherever you are.

So, whether you’re travelling, at home or in the office, you’ll never be out of touch with your team, your customers, or those all-important numbers.



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