Best Satellite TV Installation For Your Family

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Since moving over to the digital signal we now watch TV in a different way to how we used to watch when the analogue signal was in place. Now we no longer pick up TV channels with just the aerial on our roof. The advantage of going digital is that there is a lot more choice of channels than ever before. Now we watch TV via the aerial and a set-top box. One of the most basic forms is Freeview. Some of the new TVs even have Freeview built into them and this means you don’t have to purchase an external box. However you might want to move up from Freeview and there are many benefits to doing so, with the main one being access to many more channels. Satellite TV is very popular and there are many options. So which might be the best choice of satellite TV installation for your family?

There are different choices for satellite TV with the three biggest and most popular choices of satellite TV installation being listed at the top:

  • Freesat – no monthly outlay
  • Sky Digital – monthly subscription with various pricing
  • European satellite TV – free to air channels or monthly subscription
  • Motorised satellite TV – free to air channels or monthly subscription

Choices of Set-Top Boxes and Multi-room Installation

With all the choices of satellite TV you can choose to have an installation in a single room or as a multi-room installation and this would depend on what you need. Multi-room installation means that you can have set top boxes installed in other rooms of the home and they run from a single satellite dish. This type of installation can come in very handy if you have teenagers in the house as they can watch what they want to watch in their rooms.

There is also a choice of set-top boxes available. There is the basic set-top box which just allows you to tune into the various channels along with offering a TV guide on screen. If you want to be able to record channels you will need the Plus versions of the set-top boxes. When they are hooked up to the internet you can watch catch-up TV and On Demand TV. This means you can watch programs that have already been aired and this is great if you happened to miss a program. You can also pause and rewind live TV in the event that something intrudes on your TV watching.

Freesat is a no monthly outlay alternative to Freeview

Freeview is a very popular way of watching digital TV as once you have paid for the set top box and installation there is nothing more to pay out each month. Freesat is the next step up and it works exactly the same as Freeview in once you have purchased the satellite dish and set top box there is nothing else to pay out. The only difference is that you will have to have a satellite dish installed on your house, where with Freeview you don’t. However with the satellite dish you can pick up more channels than what Freeview offers. You can still get all the same channels that Freeview offers but in addition you get some that can only be picked up via a satellite dish.

European Satellite Brings European Channels to Your Living Room

European satellite TV is very popular with people living in the UK whose first language isn’t English. It is a popular choice with people who have immigrated to the UK as you can tune into channels from various countries around Europe. For instance you can tune into a range of channels from such as Poland, France, Germany, Arabia, Russia and more. There are numerous channels available free to air and this is a popular choice for sports fans as there are many sporting events from Europe. The three main satellite choices for European satellite TV to get channels from are Eutelsat, Astra 1 and Atlantic Bird. There are also channels that you can subscribe to if you don’t mind paying a monthly subscription fee.

Sky Digital Offers Various Channel Packaged and Dedicated Sport and Movies

Sky Digital satellite TV installation is very popular with families and those who like to watch sports and movies. This is due to the fact that there are different channel packages available with various prices. Each channel package offers channels from such as comedy, music, reality TV, nature and documentaries, news, films and sports. Of course with Sky there is also the option of adding on channels that are dedicated to sports and movies by way of Sky Sports or Sky Movies. These offer channels solely that show sports or movies. There are various sporting events, such as golf tournaments, tennis and football. The movie channels offer some of the latest movies along with family favourites and children’s movies.

So when considering the choices of satellite TV installation you do have a lot to think about. So will you choose Sky Digital, European satellite TV or Freesat?

Whether you need a new TV aerial or someone to install Sky Digital, Freeview or Freesat, we can help you. We can also wall mount your TV or install a bespoke commercial TV system for your business, and, we will do it professionally, efficiently and at a great price.


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