Why Utilize Recruiters for a Professional Search?

Posted by scribe on February 24, 2017 in Business Products & Services |

Conducting a Professional search for top management and executive positions is better left to experienced recruiting agencies for a number of reasons. The first reason is experience. Many human resource directors do not have experience when it comes to interviewing and hiring at an executive level. An agency can interview candidates, check references and backgrounds, and provide a short list of a few top picks for second interviews by the company. Top ranked agencies have a success rate that means they know how to assess candidates to determine suitability to the position, as well as individual companies.

Time is another factor. By the time the position is announced, candidates submit resumes, and staff can filter through hundreds of applications to eliminate most of them, weeks have passed. Remaining tasks include scheduling interviews, conducting them, and arranging for second interviews, which can take a few more weeks. The process can take several months, if current candidates are not a match for the position. Agencies have a database of registered candidates from which to begin a search. The appropriate checks have already been completed, so time is saved immediately. If none of the available candidates are suitable, agencies have teams ready to seek out the best talent in that particular industry. Large agencies have a national and international reach that makes expanding a search fast and effective.

An important additional reason to select a recruiting agency to find new executives is money. It is more cost-effective to outsource a candidate search than it is to do one in-house. Agencies have branches throughout the country, as well as abroad. They have the staff and offices in place to search, approach, and interview prospective candidates. The travel expenses alone for company personnel to cover the same ground will be high. Those costs will not include renting meeting rooms, contracting local support staff, and flying a few candidates to corporate headquarters for continued discussions regarding the position. Saving time and money, as well as having candidates that match the company culture, vision, and goals for the future are just a few reasons to contact a recruiting agency when a top level position becomes vacant.